Spray effect advice

Right moment, better effect.

Set the optimum spraying time

With SprayEffect advise you get a precision farming tool to optimise your crop protection

Through combining ultra-local data and knowledge of crop protection products and their effects, SprayEffect advice allows you to choose the best application moment.

When using this tool you have the possibility to use your crop protection resources optimally, this saves money and fits into an environmentally conscious crop protection strategy.

The optimal spraying moment

Applying plant protection products at the optimal moment is of major importance when growing quality crops with respect for the environment.

When spraying at the optimal moment costs can be reduced 25 – 30%. The Spray Planner tool calculates the result of application of a given crop protection product based on its active ingredients, product formulation, the past, current and future weather condition at location and stage of the crop.

Spraying forecast

The SprayEffect advise visualises an hourly spraying forecast for the efficiency of the specified product for the next 48 hours. Plan your crop protection activities around periods with the highest efficiency rate. 

The output from the Spray Planner is based on 21 agrochemical weather-related and 5 meteorological-related processes. Each process is a result of modelling of a certain process happening in or on the leaf after application.

Plant protection products

All steps of sticking, diffusion and uptake of droplets on the leaf or soil are calculated. All processes use meteorological data gathered and calculated by FieldMate. 

The SprayEffect advise contains a data base with more than 1220 plant protection products. Only registered products are shown per crop and are selected per country, independent from brand or supplier.

Effectivity levels

With our spray planning solutions, you can make sure to treat your crop exactly at the right time, save money and be as efficient and sustainable as possible. In the app, our experts consider all the relevant factors and break them down in easy to comprehend colour codes. Green, for instance, marks the perfect moment for spraying while red is indicating a bad instant for a treatment.

< 50 %

Low effectivity
It’s recommended to not execute the application at this moment.

50-70 %

Moderate effectivity
It’s recommended to choose a better moment for application.

70-90 %

Good effectivity
Moment of application is sufficient to execute the task.

90-100 %

Optimal effectivity
The dose of fungicides, herbicides and growth regulators can be reduced up to 30%.

Peter Bongers

“With the FieldMate we can monitor each field separately, which makes it possible to decide the best spraying moment per field.

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