Developed to support growers

SmartFarm app provides crucial crop information. Using weather data and the SmartFarm app, you will be supported in daily decisions about crop care while respecting the environment.

The decision support information was developed by AppsforAgri's expert team. Experts Erno Bouma and Joost Nieveen and Louis Nannes. Erno and Joost are very knowledgeable in the field of
of crop and weather related issues and specialize in the application of crop protection products. Together they develop models that are used for decision support tools. So you benefit from a lot of knowledge in one app.

All data at a glance

  • All weather data from your plots in one place
  • Receive notifications when threshold values are exceeded
  • 24/7 up-to-date

View all data from the past year

Easily evaluate all measured parameters, by viewing all graphs in the history with detailed information about the chosen parameter.

What can you do with the SmartFarm app

All functionalities at a glance

Weather Data

View weather data from your field using a virtual weather station, a SmartFarm sensor or a weather station from AgroExact and Sencrop, among others. 

SprayEffect tool

Get advice on the most effective spray timing. Save crop protection products and keep your crop healthy.

Disease pressure

The disease pressure tool shows the disease pressure in the crop per day out in selected colors. Disease pressure is displayed for today, 4 days ahead and 30 days history.


Set alerts to prevent frost and/or heat damage.


Let the app calculate the precipitation total over a given period or calculate the temperature sum. 

Share your data

Easily share your data with crop consultants, fellow growers or employees

Rain radar

Use global rain radar to better plan your operations.


Create an export of your data to Excel or CSV.


All your plots in one view in one storage

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