Determine the right moment

The SprayEffect tool calculates the result of applying a
particular plant protection product based on the active ingredients, product formulation, past, present and future
weather conditions at site and crop stage.

The Spraying Planner provides an hourly overview of the efficiency of the specified product for the upcoming
48 hours. It has been shown that spraying around the periods of optimal hours, produces the best results. Spray on the optimal
moment better protects your plants, saving time, money and resource

For all crop protection products

The output of the SprayEffect tool is based on 21 agrochemical weather-
related and 5 meteorological processes. Each process is the result of modeling some process occurring in or on the sheet after application. All steps of adhesion, diffusion and absorption of the droplets on the leaf or soil are calculated. All processes use meteorological data provided by
SmartFarm are collected and calculated.

The SprayEffect tool is for fungicides, insecticides, herbicides as well as biostimulants and biological disease control products.

Complex matter, user-friendly solution

The action of plant protection products is a
complex subject. Thus, weather conditions, the
formulation type and the dynamic build-up of the wax layer at the
top of the leaf important for adhesion and the rate and mode of absorption of systemic actives into the leaves. It is so difficult to combine all the important processes in the mind at the time the decision to spray is made.

All scientific knowledge and practical experience of the relationships between crop protection products and meteorological conditions are combined in the SprayEffect tool. The tool allows you to choose the best time of day to administer a product. Thus, errors due to the use of the
resources at the wrong time are avoided. When a product is applied at the optimal time, absorption and efficacy are many times higher and even dose reduction is possible for many agents. The SpuitEffect tool is already mandatory for sustainability and quality certifications in several countries, and in the Netherlands it provides plus points for the "On the way to planet proof" seal of approval.

for a sustainable future

Choose the optimal spraying moment

Save costs and time

Work sustainably and keep your crop healthy

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