SmartFarm intelligent platform

Agronomic advice to
optimally protect your crops

FieldMate + SmartFarm app

We measure the microclimate in the crop with the most accurate sensors. This is converted into cultivation advice on the basis of scientific computer models. The Smartfarm app provides the user with reliable disease pressure predictions and a spray effect tool for the optimal moment to protect the crop.

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With our solutions we put the smart in farming. We provide you with the right tools to improve your workflow, maximise your returns and contribute to a more sustainable future of farming.


Going beyond pure data on the way to sustainable and efficient farming

At SmartFarm, we know that there are many factors making farming difficult. Because of that, we created an all-in-one solution to support you when facing these daily challenges.
We go beyond the pure gathering of data and provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions. To become more sustainable, manage your time better and save hard cash.


Combining theory and practice to make farming more sustainable and efficient

At SmartFarm, we know what we are talking about. Our experts do not only have the theoretical knowledge, but also the practical background to bring science and farming together. Their insights, combined with state of the art research, allow us to look more closely than others do and combine all the relevant information to help you make the right decisions at the right time.

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