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Of course, you yourself know very well when to take action; you know your acreage and your capacity. Your professionalism makes all the difference. To estimate disease pressure, good data is crucial. You want to make sure you make the right decision and your crop stays healthy. Timing is crucial here. Disease pressure can develop rapidly in a crop. With SmartFarm you have:

  • Understanding the microclimate in your crop
  • Disease pressure data from as many as 65 crops at hand
  • Sprayer planner at your disposal, based on 25 agrometeorological processes

This way you determine the optimal time to apply crop protection products and save unnecessary costs.

24/7 insight. 24/7 security.  
For all growers and crops

SmartFarm suitable for any grower regardless of size or cropping plan. Check out the package that best suits your farm.

SmartFarm functionalities

Decision support tools to help you make better choices on your farm. 

Disease pressure warning system

Get insight into disease pressure trends on your field and be well prepared to best protect your crop.

SprayEffect tool

SpuitEffect gives you advice to optimize your crop protection. By spraying at the best time, you can save about 25-30% on your costs.

Virtual weather station

SmartFarm's virtual weather station is an innovative solution that harnesses the power of technology to provide growers like you with crucial, hyper-local weather data. Without hardware, without worry and extremely precise.

Choose the package that suits your business

How many plots do you want to manage with SmartFarm? Thanks to SmartFarm's flexible packages, there's always one that's right for your situation.

Small farm

€14.99 /per month
  • SmartFarm for 1 plot
Most popular

Standard farm

€29.99 /per month
  • SmartFarm for 5 plots
  • Advantage bundle with 1 plot free

Large farm

€49.99 /per month
  • SmartFarm for 10 plots
  • Advantage bundle with 2 plots for free

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The SmartFarm app is very valuable for our company. It indicates the best time to spray. For prevention control, this is very important. It prevents the need for later intervention. This saves on crop protection products and keeps the crop healthier!

Geert-Jan Jonkman Owner of Jonkman Horticulture

About SmartFarm

SmartFarm's experts are entrepreneurs with knowledge of the industry as well as the weather. We are constantly expanding our knowledge so that we can provide you with the right data at any time. To do this, we use the latest techniques such as AI. We like smart and practical solutions so that you as a grower can achieve maximum results.