The advantages of SmartFarm


The intelligent SmartFarm sensors are easy to use and deliver real-time information on crops and soil. With help of the sensors, farmers can plan their crop protection, irrigation as well as fertilization more effectively to improve the productivity and quality of their crops.


Realtime monitoring

Sensors give you more insight. 365 days a year they monitor your plants and animals.



Cost reduction and more efficient planning

 Reduces costs on your business and improves the planning of activities on the field. Your choices for crop protection, fertilization or irrigation are better based on current and real-time information.


Higher yields and better quality

With SmartFarm products, you achieve better product quality and higher revenues



Wireless communication with LoRa or Sigfox

 We provide ready-to-use sensor solutions that communicate wirelessly through the latest networks like LoRa or Sigfox.



Smart weatherstation


Smart soil and crop sensor with ultra local measurements.

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Smart rain gauge


Measures accurate and wirelessly ultra local precipitation data.

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Soil moisture sensor


Provides insight into the soil moisture situations of your plots.

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Advice modules


Advies modules

Only measuring with sensors is not enough, receive advice to protect better!

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Personal advice?

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User stories

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    Geert Steenhuis
    Technical Advisor at GMN B.V.

    “Using the FieldMate you gain lots of data regarding the crop circumstances. This data can be used to update and alter our long term strategy. I can imagine that in the near future this data will be used to finetune the forcing flower bulbs’ growing conditions. ”

  • image Corné Kempenaar
    Senior Scientist at Wageningen Plant Research-

    “Precision farming is not possible without actual local crop climate data combined with soil moisture and soil temperature data. Since 2016 I use the FieldMate from SmartFarm on a field in Wagening,which has given me a good overview about the soil- and climate conditions for two years now. Usageof this data leads to better crop management.”

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    Gerard van Nieuwenhuijzen
    Owner at arable farm NIVU

    “Using sensors and the SmartFarm app we have a better insight in precipitation on the different fields. Furthermore, the differences per crop regarding relative humidity and temperature are evident. Expanding the amount of SoilMates (better insight in soilmoisture) and translating this data to a crop care level is a challenge we are solving in collaboration with AppsforAgri.”

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