Over the past 10 years, Appsforagri has proven to be a leading platform that helps farmers optimize their agricultural operations. Using advanced applications and tools, the platform has enabled farmers to work more efficiently, increase yields and implement sustainable practices. One of these platforms is iCrop. iCrop enables the collection and sharing of digital crop data and is set up customer-specific. Cultivation is improved, costs are reduced and product quality is increased through the use of iCrop. Learn more about this platform here: https://www.icrop.nl

Our great pride is the beautiful Smartfarm platform with the disease pressure alert combined with the spray planner is such an inovative solution, aimed at helping the grower and making agriculture more sustainable.

The success of appsforagri is due to a talented and dedicated team that constantly works to improve and innovate the platform. The commitment and passion for the agricultural industry have led to breakthrough solutions and technologies that continue to transform agricultural practices.


But the success of AppsForAgri would not have been possible without the support of the agricultural community. Farmers, farms and organizations have embraced the platform and recognized it as a valuable tool in their daily operations.

The positive feedback and trust from users are a true source of inspiration and motivation for the entire team. As the company celebrates its 10th anniversary, we look expectantly to the future.

The platform will continue to strive for innovation and excellence, aiming to support farmers worldwide and take the agricultural sector to new heights. Together, we will continue to grow, learn and contribute to more sustainable and productive agriculture.

Here’s to many more successful years of innovation, growth and impact on the agricultural world!

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