Always at your fingertips

The SmartFarm platform is always at your fingertips on your PC, laptop or as an app on your smartphone. Packed with up-to-date information on weather, disease pressure and crop protection products, you have the ability to make better decisions.

It is suitable for growers and crop consultants and provides information for daily crop challenges such as fungi, insects and biological crop protection.

Disease warning system for better crop protection

Get insight into disease pressure trends on your field and be well prepared to best protect your crop. When disease pressure is high, you act immediately; when disease pressure is low, you can wait a while. This keeps your crop protected and saves you time and money.

  • Disease pressure models for more than 65 crops and 170 plant diseases
  • Developed by universities and experienced agronomists.
  • For field crops, fruit crops, field vegetables and organic crops

Determine the optimal spraying moment with SprayEffect

SpuitEffect gives you advice on the optimal use of crop protection agents, biostimulants and biological crop protection products.

  • By spraying at the best time, you can save about 25-30%.
  • Suitable for all permitted agents.
  • Through optimal use of resources, you work as sustainably as possible.


SmartFarm app

With the SmartFarm app, you always have all weather and crop data at hand. You have a clear overview of all data in the dashboard, and you can set alerts at which conditions you want to receive an alert.

SmartFarm virtual weather station

The very best weather data at ultra local level for your plot. Without hardware but based on smart mathematical models and AI, you get up-to-date hourly weather data. 

  • More than 18 (agro)weather parameters for your plot.
  • Includes microclimate for over 65 crops. 
  • Accuracy is comparable to common weather stations.


SmartFarm sensor

The SmartFarm sensor is a reliable tool that measures on the field and in the crop.

  • For anomalous environmental factors around your plot.
  • If you like to play it safe, then a sensor is for you.
  • Robust long-life design.

Start with SmartFarm 
and keep your crop healthy

Choose the package that suits you, starting as low as 14.99 per month.