When it comes to agrometeorology in the agricultural sector, one name is unmissable: Erno Bouma. He is a leading expert on the intersection of meteorology and agriculture. His work, which highlights the complex interactions between weather conditions, plant diseases, and pests, has profoundly influenced the way crop protection is approached in the Netherlands and abroad.


Bouma's career has several highlights. With a background as an agrometeorological specialist, he worked with Prof. Bert Wartena has major publications to his credit, such as "Weather & Crop Protection" in 1994 and "Agrarian Weather Book" in 1998. These works have been recognized not only in the Netherlands but also internationally, with translations in five languages, making his expertise reach a worldwide audience.


The establishment of the Agrometeorological Consulting Firm Erno Bouma in 2005 marked a new phase in his career. From this platform, Bouma offers lectures, introductions, and courses on agrometeorology. His consulting firm has played a key role in educating agricultural professionals about the importance of agrometeorology over the past decades, both in the Netherlands and internationally.


Bouma's expertise extends to the digital domain, where he plays a crucial role at SmartFarm. As a leading agrometeorologist at SmartFarm, Bouma contributes to the development of technology solutions that help farmers optimize their crop protection efforts. By accurately monitoring weather conditions and offering practical advice, he helps farmers make better decisions for their crop protection.

SmartFarm, an innovative agricultural data platform, leverages the latest technologies and the extensive hands-on experience of experts like Bouma. The platform is designed to support farmers in effectively managing their crops by providing reliable data and advice. The integration of scientific knowledge and practical experience is central to SmartFarm, with the aim of providing sustainable solutions to today's agricultural challenges 

Influence and passion

Erno Bouma is an influential figure in the world of agrometeorology, with an unparalleled passion for weather and its impact on agriculture. His contribution to the agricultural sector, both through his publications and his work with SmartFarm, illustrates the crucial role of agrometeorology in modern agricultural practice.

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