Disease models to give you timely information

Increasing acreage,  stricter laws and regulations and more erratic weather conditions can cause you to lose grip on your crops. SmartFarm monitors your plot 24/7 for you and informs you proactively, making you less likely to encounter surprises. 

Timely application of crop protection against diseases keeps your crop healthy and ensures better yields. A disease model helps you make timely sprays before the crop is infected by fungal diseases. This allows the drug to do its best work, be absorbed and protect the plant. Your crop will stay healthy longer, often resulting in better yields.

SmartFarm is the world's most complete platform, supporting 65 crops and more than 170 diseases. Don't be surprised anymore, get a subscription for only €14.99 and keep your crop healthy!

How does a disease risk model work?

The models generate predictions for diseases and pests by taking into account the conditions that promote their occurrence and development. Based on scientific research and numerous field trials, they include rules and algorithms that take into account factors such as rain, temperature, humidity, leaf wetness and solar radiation.

This data is used to automatically calculate a prognosis for the expected timing and intensity of the next infection. This helps you as a grower to spray only when really necessary, with the most effective product, saving costs and reducing resistance to crop protection products.

How to use disease pressure models in practice

Thanks to the models, it is no longer necessary to spray preventively or "just to be sure. You spray only when there is real risk of infection. This is most effective just before or just after a possible infection, preventing the disease from progressing. Thus, you exploit the moment when the pathogen is most vulnerable.

Helps in optimal product selection. Disease models provide insight into the specific risk to your crops, taking into account the unique conditions of your crop. This allows you to reduce the use of broad-spectrum pesticides and choose exactly the product that, whether preventative or curative, best suits your situation.

By working with disease models, you take a smart, cost-effective and sustainable approach to crop protection.

The SmartFarm app is very valuable for our company. It indicates the best time to spray. For prevention control, this is very important. It prevents the need for later intervention. This saves on crop protection products and keeps the crop healthier!

Geert-Jan Jonkman Owner of Jonkman Horticulture

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