What is precision agriculture?

Precision agriculture is a farming method that utilizes agritech and data analytics to improve agricultural production. By using data, farmers can make informed decisions about the application of resources such as seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. This leads to more efficient use of inputs while simultaneously enhancing crop yield and quality. Precision agriculture enables farmers to produce effectively and sustainably.

Data Collection

An essential aspect of precision agriculture is collecting relevant data. It's not just about gathering data but also making it actionable. Transparency and data sharing are crucial within precision agriculture. By sharing data, farmers can benefit from historical usage data and, for example, automatically order fertilizers.

According to research by Rabobank (2020), data will play a larger role in decision-making regarding cultivation and advisory services in the coming years. Sharing data can bring about positive changes in the relationship between farmers and stakeholders, enabling the widespread adoption of precision agriculture.

Benefits of Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture offers various benefits for farmers and the agriculture sector as a whole. It minimizes material and resource costs, such as water, seeds, and fuel. Moreover, precision agriculture contributes to maintaining soil health by reducing pesticide usage. It also reduces farmers' dependency on weather conditions and enables them to maximize the genetic potential of crops.

The Rabobank research (2020) shows that 64% of surveyed customers see more efficient use of crop protection products as a significant advantage of precision agriculture. Additionally, 44% state that precision agriculture allows them to work more accurately, while 42% report more efficient fertilizer use. This efficiency and accuracy result in cost savings in crop protection, fertilization, and labor hours.

Role of SmartFarm

SmartFarm is part of the current development of precision agriculture. Smart farming for us encompasses more than just reducing the use of crop protection products. It also includes environmental preservation, efficient use of non-renewable resources, and pursuit of broad social and economic goals. Addressing the various challenges of modern and sustainable agriculture requires expertise in various fields. At SmartFarm, we combine extensive theoretical knowledge in meteorology, agronomy, and soil physics with practical experience and advanced research. Our strength lies not only in information technology, sensor development, and app development but also in the collaboration between our practical background and advanced research. Thus, our innovations contribute to a future agriculture that is more sustainable, efficient, and profitable.

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