SmartFarm app

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Ultra-local data for tailor-made agricultural solutions

With the free SmartFarm app for Android and Apple, you have access to all the data from your FieldMate. This allows you to easily keep track of your data from your smartphone or tablet.

SmartFarm app
All weather and crop information always available


SmartFarm app dashboard
All FieldMate data at a glance


All FieldMates together on one dashboard. Scroll through the dashboard and be immediately aware of what is going on in different fields.

FieldMate dashboard


FieldMate dashboard
All FieldMate data in one overview


View all measured and calculated parameters collected by the FieldMate. Such as crop temperature, leaf wetness status, wind direction and the accurate field-specific weather forecast.


Review all the data of the past year

Easily evaluate all measured parameters of the FieldMate, by viewing all graphs in the history with detailed information about the chosen parameter.


Set alerts 
Always up to date with customised notifications

Prevent crop damage by setting customised alerts. Enter minimum and maximum values for temperature and relative humidity for preventive action.


Notification centre
All notifications in one row


Easily keep track of all notifications. The notification centre shows which FieldMate is tilted and which FieldMate has reached an alert value.


Precipitation radar
Plan activities based on expected rainfall


The precipitation radar shows whether it is going to rain or not. When precipitation does fall, the radar shows where it falls, when and its intensity.


Always informed about crop development


With accumulations, the precipitation sum, cold hours and degree days are clearly displayed over the retrieved data. Easily plan nitrogen application, irrigation and sowing times.


Data sharing
Join other growers in the region


By sharing FieldMate data, emerging diseases and insects can be detected more quickly, enabling earlier mutual intervention.

General information

All FieldMates in one overview
Link all your sensors in one app for an easy overview

iOS and Android
The SmartFarm app is available for all iOS and Android device types, both for tablet and phone

The SmartFarm is available in +10 languages
The SmartFarm app is internationally deployable through the many different languages available

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Peter Bongers

“With the FieldMate, we can monitor each field separately, which makes it possible to determine the best time to spray per field."

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