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SmartFarm is more than just one of the market leading Agtech companies in the world. It is more than just a pioneer with a smart perspective on some of the world’s most pressing problems. It is the manifestation of our own strong ideals and believes: To make farming become more efficient, profitable and, most importantly, more sustainable than it was ever before.
To accomplish this goal, we treat it as our very duty to provide the farming industry with smart and affordable solutions for the constantly growing challenges they are facing every day. From a sky rocketing increase in the demand of food to further reaching governmental restrictions – we want to cover every aspect of modern farming to see a future where our personal ideals and believes become reality. Our strong believe system, paired up with our fresh perspective, smart problem solving and broad expertise made us the ever improving company that we are today.

About us

Working at SmartFarm means working together. To make our visionary ideas of a more efficient, profitable and sustainable future of farming become true, we try to bring as wide a spectrum of expertise to the table as possible. This means not only gathering the most skilled experts, but also combining their knowledge with our practitioners’ valuable insights from the field of agriculture. This merging of two worlds becomes especially apparent at our work practice. That is, the combination of state of the art research and a deep practical understanding of the requirements of modern farming. Here, our personal background in agriculture ensures us to follow our personal passion to create a future for farming we can personally be proud of. This is ultimately what working in one of the world’s leading Agtech companies means for us and what brings forth the very best of our abilities.

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