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The FieldMate can be order via ‘Get a quote‘, after we received your request we will contact you and a FieldMate will be send to your address.

The FieldMate is used for crop monitoring. Between the plants is ideal. The FieldMate can be used both in the open field and in the greenhouse. In the greenhouse is perhaps not practical to install, but it is possible. Keep in mind that the connection in the greenhouse can be poor(er).

Yes, you can! Simply share your data with your family, employees, advisors and any other interested parties via the SmartFarm app. Check out the video for more information.

The username is the same as the email address you used to register. If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new one by clicking on ‘I forgot my password’ in the SmartFarm app.

We will contact you before the 3-year subscription expires. We will then give you the option to renew or end the subscription. We will never automatically renew your subscription.

No, this is not possible. We use the ultra-local data from our FieldMate as input for the models in combination with the SmartFarm app to show the outcome of the tools.

Do you have a platform that you want to extend with our models? That is possible. Please contact us for more information.


One FieldMate can give enough information about 1 crop in an homogeneous area of 3-5km (without mountains, rivers or other factors that can change the meteorological conditions).

Due to its unique design, the FieldMate needs to be placed in the crop. Choose a spot between the plants where the FieldMate will stand out when you are working the field with your machines. Once you have found a good spot, make a hole 25cm deep using a soil drill or shovel. Place the white technology pole in the hole and firmly press down on the soil to ensure that the pole remains stable. Click and turn the grey head with rain gauge on the pole, the FieldMate is now ‘on’. Open the SmartFarm app and link the FieldMate to the app via ‘add sensor’. After following the wizard, the FieldMate is linked to the app. The data will come in automatically after at least 1 hour. Follow the steps in the instruction manual for more details. No manual nearby? Download it here or watch the video.
  • Precipiation

          Accuracy of 5%

  • Temperature at crop and field height

          Accuracy of 0.5 °C (in range from -10 °C to +85 °C)

  • Relative humidity at crop and field height

          Accuracy of 2% (in range from 0-100%)

  • Soil temperature (-5cm & -20cm) 

          Accuracy of 0.5 °C (in range from -10 °C to +85 °C)

After installation, it can take a while for data to come in. Please give FieldMate at least 1 hour to collect and send data after installation.

If you do not receive any data after one hour, please check the following:
– Is the FieldMate connected to the app?
– Is the FieldMate ‘on’? Check if the grey head is ‘stuck’ to the white technology pole

All answered with yes, but no data yet?
Probably the range at the current location is too poor to send data.
– Unscrew the grey head from the white technology pole and move the FieldMate to another location.
– Screw the 2 parts back together and wait for data to come in. If data comes in, change the location of the FieldMate to the new location in the sensor settings.

If you have several FieldMates, it is recommended to place the FieldMate without data next to an already working FieldMate to ensure the availability of connectivity.

The FieldMate sends data every half an hour between 06:00AM and 10:00PM. Between 10:00PM and 06:00AM data is measured every 15 minutes as usual. At 06:00 all night data will be send at once.

Before relocating the FieldMate to another location, turn the grey head with rain gauge off the white technology pole.
Take both parts with you to the new location. Dig/drill a hole of 25cm. Place the white technology pole in the hole and press the ground so that the pole is firmly in place. Click and turn the grey head with rain gauge on the pole, so that the FieldMate turns ‘on’.

Then change the location of the FieldMate in the SmartFarm app.
Open the relocated FieldMate in the app and click on the settings icon in the top right corner. At the bottom of the sensor settings you will see the location of the FieldMate. Click on the pointer to change the location to the new one. Then click on save.

Because of its unique design, the FieldMate requires very little maintenance. However, it is advisable to check the FieldMate for maintenance once in a while or in the event of any deviations.
The spoon of the rain gauge should be checked for dirt. Remove any sand, dust or other debris. Check the sun shields for spider webs or other debris that could affect the measurements.

To compare the values of a manual rain glass with those of the FieldMate, you should take into account the following things:
– The rain glass must be certified for rainfall measurements with minimal deviation
– The rain glass must be directly next to and at the same height as the FieldMate
– Measurements should be compared in the same time range. The FieldMate measures from 00:00 to 23:59, whereas we are used to looking at the rain glass in the morning after breakfast
– When recording the amount of precipitation in the rain glass, take note of the lower ‘line’ in the glass. When you look straight at the glass, you will see 2 ‘lines’ in the water. This has to do with surface tension. Because of the tension, the water creeps up along the glass, which gives a disturbed image. The bottom line is the true amount of precipitation.
– Do you have half a mm too much or too little? The spoon in the rain gauge measures 0.5mm at a time. When the spoon contains 5g, the spoon falls over. If it contains 0.48g, the spoon will not be emptied until the next shower contains 0.2g. This also means that you will not see rainfall in the app immediately when it has just started raining.

Yes, you can! Because the FieldMate is modular, you can replace the battery. Please contact our support team to order a new grey head with rain gauge.

SmartFarm app

The SmartFarm app can be downloaded on a smartphone and tablet. Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

A FieldMate can only be linked to one owner. The QR-code can therefore only be scanned one time during installation. Please check whether no-one in your company has linked the FieldMate to their account yet.

Infrequent that is caused by poor network coverage. Check the status of the network in the ‘Sensor setting’ on the ‘Status’ tab. In case of ‘poor’ or ‘moderate’ coverage it is recommended to move the FieldMate.
See the steps for moving under the heading: ‘How can I relocate the FieldMate’.

Incorrect data is caused by an incorrectly entered location. Did you move the FieldMate but not change the location in the app? If so, go to ‘Sensor settings’ and click on the pointer to change the location.

No data can be caused by various reasons:
– the FieldMate is not linked to your account, link the FieldMate to your account through the app
– the FieldMate is ‘off’, check whether the grey head with rain gauge is attached to the white technology pole
– the FieldMate does not send data between 10pm and 6am. Data is still logged every 15 minutes, but will be stored until 6am
– the FieldMate cannot send its data due to a (very) poor range. Move the FieldMate to another location
– the FieldMate has suffered damage which means it is broken, please contact us to repair, replace or send a replacement part

Go to the ‘Sensor settings’ of the FieldMate by clicking on the settings icon on the top right.
Here you can change the following settings:
– Name of the FieldMate
– Crop
– Soil type
– Field location

How do I set up alerts?
Go to the ‘Sensor settings’ of the FieldMate by clicking on the settings icon at the top right.
Click on the ‘Alerts’ tab. Activate the slider that says ‘Receive alerts for FieldMate’.
Activate the parameters for which you want to receive alerts and enter the lower and/or upper limit.

Go to the ‘Sensor settings’ of the FieldMate by clicking on the settings icon at the top right.
At the very bottom of the page you can click on ‘Remove device’.
When you delete the sensor, it is removed from your account and can be linked to a new account.

Attention: By deleting the sensor, all data from your FieldMate will be deleted as well. Deleted data cannot be retrieved.

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