Luc Pauwels relies on SmartFarm. You too?

Discover the power of SmartFarm for precise crop protection! Your expertise is indispensable, but for optimal assessment of disease pressure, reliable data are essential. Timing is crucial because diseases can develop quickly.

Through Luc Pauwels, you will receive a discount on the SmartFarm app, an indispensable tool for managing your crops. With SmartFarm, you have instant access to up-to-date information to protect your crops and apply your expertise effectively.

  • Understanding the right spray timing
  • Intervening in time for potential disease risk
  • Pair your trusted crop advisors from the Luc Pauwels team.
  • Up to €100 discount through Luc Pauwels

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SmartFarm and Luc Pauwels join forces for optimal cultivation advice

Farmers, horticulturists and green professionals today face challenges in an ever-changing world. Flexibility and resilience are essential to building a forward-looking and profitable business. At Luc Pauwels, they share this vision and passion for the future. They believe strongly in local farmers and horticulturists and the role they can play in their success.

The collaboration between Luc Pauwels and SmartFarm is aimed at transforming the agricultural sector and promoting sustainability. By integrating SmartFarm's advanced decision support models into Luc Pauwels' cultivation advice, they work side by side with growers to address challenges and provide optimal solutions.

24/7 insight. 24/7 security.  
For all growers and crops

With its flexible subscription, SmartFarm is now suitable for any grower regardless of size or cropping plan. Are you an Agrowin customer and have not yet received a value coupon? Ask your crop consultant about it!