Why is it important to protect the crop during the growing season? 
To protect the crop in the best way possible, farmers need to know the exact moment for treating their crop with pesticides. The data obtained through classic weather forecasts, however, is not enough. The problem: this data is collected at an height of about 200 cm -which is not where the crop actually grows. This leads to a difference of the actual temperature of the leaves and the temperature measured by weather stations of up to 10 degree Celsius. This is changing the math behind spraying considerations drastically.

Are there other factors farmers need to consider? 

Even though the temperature is a major factor when it comes to successful crop protection, the air humidity and precipitation also play an important role for the success in the treatment of the crop. Ultimately, the formulation of the pesticides needs to be taken into account, as it shows how the pesticides are absorbed by the crop and which factors influence the speed of their permeation. Only if of all of these factors are considered, the best moment for spraying the crop can be found.

How can these factors be accounted for?

There are a lot of factors that make successful farming during the growing season highly difficult. Luckily, keeping track of them is made easy with our top notch technology. SmartFarm does not only offer the most reliable data with the FieldMate, measuring every relevant aspect directly in the field. We also translate this data into easily comprehensible information, helping farmers to always find the perfect moment for treating their crop with our SprayPlanner. Without the danger of getting lost with all the factors that need to be considered. 

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