Our Spray Planner is the simple answer to the complex question of when to best spray your crops. Our experts already asked this question 25 years ago and since then have been working on developing the optimal planning solution. Our easy to use application provides comprehensible 48 hours predictions of the best moment possible to spray your crops. These forecasts are disposable for more than 50 different crops and are compatible with every available pesticide while remaining independent from specific brands or products. This makes the Spray Planner the right solution for every individual requirement for better farming.

What makes our Spray Planner so reliable is the top notch data that it is based on. This data is collected with the sensors of our market leading FieldMate, directly in the field. Then, these measurements are translated into accurate predictions, combining state of the art research, practical knowledge, extensive experience and valuable insights from pesticide manufacturers. The application has been developed from our broad range of highly skilled experts under the direction of Erno Bouma, a leading expert in the field of meteorology and crop protection. Our deep understanding combined with the first class data gathered by our top-notch sensors makes our planner the most reliable companion for complex decisions on the market. 

The more advanced the planning, the more sustainable the farming. This link comes from the fact that the most important factor when spraying crops is the right timing. With the Spray Planner making this timing an easy task, the effect can be increased by up to 30%. This means less work, less costs and less pollution.

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