Broccoli is a sensitive product to mold, pests and climate. By using digital technologies, growers can gain more insight into the crop and soil. The sensors help in better planning and execution of crop operations such as crop protection, fertilization and irrigation and provide up-to-date information about the crop and soil.


The measured data is combined in the SmartFarm app with calculated data and data from external sources. Among other things, this system also provides insight into solar irradiance, wind speed, wind direction and wind gusts of the plot.

Infection risk

Based on the measured and expected temperature and humidity, the degree of infection risk is determined. This is highlighted for each disease in the disease tool, which also immediately provides more information and explanations about the likelihood of infection. Based on this information, preventive action can be taken to best protect the crop, while at the same time avoiding overuse of plant protection products.

The objective of the setup is to see how growers themselves can practically apply this technology in their operations. In addition, looking further into the future of the applicability of "Internet of Things" sensors and big data as tools for crop optimization in outdoor vegetable production. The initiative will be overseen for the next three years by Karsten Rienstra of AppsforAgri accompanies growers with advice and monitoring.

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