Data, data, data: what next?

In the flower bulb industry, growers have been using crop sensors provided by multiple suppliers for quite some time. Additionally, the use of a Crop Protection and Weather Information System (abbreviated as Gewis) has long been common in the sector. Furthermore, more and more information about cultivation is being recorded in cultivation registration programs, and personal observations in the field are being digitally documented. On top of that, satellite data is also becoming increasingly available.

In short, more and more data are becoming available. The next step is translating all this data into practice, where practical experience and cultivation knowledge are essential. Optimal spraying moment. The good news is that progress is continually being made. For example, a connection has been established between crop sensors (FieldMates) and the cultivation registration program GMN Crop, a first in tulip cultivation. With this connection, GMN Crop users gain access to ten weather stations in different regions. The grower not only has insight into current conditions but also receives notifications about disease pressure. An additional benefit is that based on the registered crop treatments combined with local weather forecasts, the next treatment can already be scheduled. At the optimal moment.

Irrigation optimization.

A significant challenge is to develop irrigation advice based on data. To achieve this, much experimentation and testing have already been done. This year, we will be working with satellite data. Satellite images of the crop combined with sensors in the field make it possible to determine the crop's moisture needs. At least, that's the theory. Tests are being conducted with several growers to see if this actually contributes to optimizing irrigation in practice.

Staying up to date with technology.

Not every grower needs to reinvent the wheel themselves. Agrifirm-GMN closely monitors developments in precision agriculture. Thanks to research and trials, advisors are able to advise growers on the use of new techniques. To keep knowledge at Agrifirm-GMN up to date, collaboration with numerous specialists is essential. Together, they explore the applicability focused on a future-proof flower bulb cultivation.

This article is from 'Bol&Teelt', the magazine for customers of Agrifirm-GMN. Several times a year, members of the cooperative receive the magazine with inspiration and examples in the fields of cooperative, innovative, and sustainable entrepreneurship in bulb cultivation.

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