LEMKEN is regarded one of the most visionary and sustainable companies worldwide when it comes to profitable agriculture. Being the forward-thinking company they are, it comes as no surprise that they decided to team up with SmartFarm by including our top-notch products in their very own product range. The FieldMate and the SmartFarm app, redesigned in their own branding, are available via their dealer network and on their own website. We tried to learn in our interview with Anthony van der Ley from LEMKEN, why they decided to work with SmartFarm and what makes our product their very first choice.

Anthony van der Ley

Hello Mr. van der Ley. LEMKEN has made the decision to team up with SmartFarm by adding their products to their own product range. Why did LEMKEN choose for SmartFarm?

At LEMKEN, it is our philosophy to constantly look ahead. This is where we are very similar to SmartFarm’s approach. Through working together, we strive to develop new and smart products that work flawlessly with our machines. As we have regular contact with SmartFarm, we are always up to date with what they are working on. And these insights make us look very positively in the future as we strongly believe that the results will benefit our clients greatly.

LEMKEN had its only product range already. How exactly does the FieldMate fit into your development of precision farming?

We are already developing electronics for machinery for several years. The reason for that is that we believe that farming can be smarter and successfully by using the right tools. The FieldMate –or how we call it, the iQblue Clara– fits perfectly in our vision as it combines agricultural knowledge and sustainable farming. To be honest, we do not believe the iQblue Clara itself is the biggest development for our iQblue range. But it is the great decision support tools that really makes the difference. This added value for our customers and ultimately for the success of farming makes the FieldMate the perfect fit for our product range.

You are talking about the added value of the FieldMate? What do you think is this value exactly?

As I already mentioned, it is the decisions support tools that adds the greatest value for the farmer. By using these tools in their daily work, they have an easy way to increase their income. This results simply from a more sufficient crop protection and a reduction in the use of pesticides. This does not only make farming more sustainable on the long term, it also helps the farmers to earn back their investment in the iQblue Clara in no time!

About iQblue

New legislations, rising costs and more responsibility for the environment – farmers today are facing numerous challenges. Here, LEMKEN products and services can help solving them. Efficient machines and digital technologies increase the productivity while also promoting sustainable farming. The iQblue range offers intelligent products that efficiently connect devices and data.

Digital Agriculture with iQblue:

  • Is highly efficient, increases productivity and reduces work
  • Supports farmers to adapt their work more flexible to their needs
  • Allows for more precise sowing, fertilisation and irrigation, which saves valuable resources

Why LEMKEN electronics?

LEMKEN has developed pioneering electronics for agricultural machinery for over ten years. Their solutions are created in close cooperation with the people who use them on a daily basis – farmers and contract farmers all over the world. This is what allows them to provide precisely the solutions to make farming truly successfully.

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