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AGXTEND stands for state-of-the-art research and entirely new developments in the field of precision farming. Having a similar forward-thinking approach, SmartFarm proved to be the perfect fit for a collaboration with AGXTEND. Therefore, we are very happy to expand their product range with our FieldMate and the SmartFarm app, which is offered via AGXTEND’s worldwide dealer network in their very own branding FarmXtend. Product manager Kimberly Vanrobays explains what makes SmartFarm the perfect partner for working on the future of farming together.

Kimberly Vanrobays

Good morning Ms. Vanrobays, thank you for taking the time for this interview. AGXTEND recently made the decision to include the FieldXact and the SmartFarm app in their product portfolio. Why did you decide to choose SmartFarm as your partner?

We have selected SmartFarm as our partner for weather data solutions because of their very unique combination of in-house agronomic expertise and software development. This simply makes them the perfect partner for our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solutions.

AGXTEND has a very impressive product portfolio, already. How do the FieldMate and the SmartFarm app fit into your product range?

It basically comes down to the fact that one important aspect of our product range are advanced precision farming solutions. Here, I am talking about tools that support farmers throughout the whole growing season. As weather is a very important factor, we really wanted to have an “all-in-one solution”: a combination of an in-field sensor, taking the weather into account and ready to use advisory modules. This is exactly what SmartFarm offers. Additionally, with the FieldXact and the FarmXtend app, our broad dealer network can easily sell these products right off the shelve. Another benefit is that the compatibility of the products offer many opportunities for integration within our future digital strategy. 

Having already a very extensive product range, what do you think is the most added value of SmartFarm?

The most added value is that it is a simple, flexible plug & play solution, really. This means a minimal effort for the farmers, who just have to set it up in their field to monitor the health of their crop ultra-locally. It is also an unbelievablee comfortable solution for the farmers, as it allows them to have a look at all the relevant data at their own convenience, even comfortably from their desk at home or on the go. Long story short: it is simply the perfect tool which fits in every precision farming approach for all kind of crops.


AGXTEND is the first brand specializing in emerging precision farming and ISOBUS solutions in the agricultural industry. They offer a wide range of breakthrough and dynamic precision farming solutions from strategic partner companies. This reduces the time to market and facilitates wide-scale adoption.

The AGXTEND range can be fully integrated into Case IH’s AFS, STEYR’s S-TECH and New Holland Agriculture’s PLM existing precision farming platforms. Additionally, a full range of tractors, harvesting equipment and implements from other manufacturers are capable to use these solutions, providing technical compatibility criteria are met. Their products are also an important part of CNH Industrial’s approach in the field of precision farming solutions, which empowers customers to select the service or tool which is right for them and enable them to maintain control of their data with opt-in logic.

AGXTENDs products have the potential to significantly enhance the sustainability of agribusinesses through a reduction in fuel consumption as well as the eventual reduction in both fertilizer and crop protection products. Furthermore, the commercialization of innovative zero-chemical weed control through the precision use of electric pulses substantially reduces a farm’s environmental impact by providing an effective and more sustainable alternative to agrochemicals.

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