SmartFarm and Beiselen share the same vision: improving farming by reducing the use of pesticides. Therefore Beiselen decided to team up with SmartFarm and include the FieldMate in their product range. In addition to that, they not only use the data that the FieldMate gathers but also the relevant information for decision making support, which they share on their own platform with their customers. Why the FieldMate is the perfect product for their needs, explains Dr. Martin Ziegelbäck, director of Beiselen Service GmbH. 

Dr. Martin Ziegelbäck

Good morning Mr. Ziegelbäck thank you for taking the time for this interview. Beiselen recently decided to incorporate the FieldMate in their product range. Why did you choose for SmartFarm? 

Well, on the one hand we strongly believe that the visions of our companies about precision farming and a minimum pesticide policy fit together perfectly. On the other hand, we really think that the technical concept of the FieldMate is very convincing.

Beiselen focuses on precision farming. How does SmartFarm fit in the developments in this field? 

Agriculture is during a progress which leads towards “per-plant-farming”. This basically means that we are moving away from traditional concepts of farming, towards the micro-managing of every individual plant. Here, SmartFarm is just performing on a whole new level, as they work with data directly from the field. This data helps farmers to care for the crops well, as they are always up to date on the actual state of the vegetation.

Beiselen already has a very impressive product range. How does the FieldMate fit in with the other products and services you offer to your customers?

What matters most to us when working together with partners in various fields of expertise is the capacity of integration. But it is not only this requirement that SmartFarm meets with ease, it is also the combination of input factors and information the FieldMate offers that fits perfectly in our concept of what we want to provide to our customers: The opportunity to produce food in a sustainable way and also to stay competitive in the market.

About Beiselen

Beiselen is one of the leading private agricultural trading companies in Germany and the neighboring European countries. Their focus lies on the trade of seeds, plant protection products, fertilisers and agricultural products. In addition to the individual business areas, consulting is another core competences of Beiselen. The company is represented throughout Germany and also has two branches in Austria. Digital transformation and innovation are concentrated at a separate subsidiary, Beiselen Service GmbH.

Beiselen does not only stand out with their extensive range of products. The individual consultation by qualified specialised personnel, rapid and reliable deployment of the goods by decentralised logistics and the personal proximity to the companies in the field of agriculture are the core competences that really distinguish Beiselen.

About the Beiselen Group

Beiselen GmbH is Germany’s leading private agricultural wholesaler. In response to structural circumstances, Beiselen serves its customers with regionally adapted models and handles the entire variety which features in a full cycle of productive and sustainable agriculture: from seeds to marketing of agricultural products for conventional as well as organic farming. And, in this context, the service offer ranging from financing to consultancy, logistics support to digital solutions, is as wide and varied as the range of products. 

The company generates turnover of approximately €1.3 billion per annum and employs over 700 people at 26 locations. Beiselen is a family business which is run by managing partners Rainer Schuler, Magnus Schuler, Ludwig Striewe, Hauke Thordsen and Jan Thordsen.

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