Our partners explain why they chose to work with SmartFarm

Our partners CNH, Lemken and Beiselen explain why they chose to partner with Smartfarm.

None of us is as smart as all of us. SmartFarm stands in its very core idea for this principle, bringing together the best ideas to help farming become more sustainable, efficient and profitable. But this vision can only be accomplished by the sum of our parts. Therefore, we consider teamwork as the very base for achieving the best results possible. Not only within our own team of highly skilled experts, but also together with visionary minds from the outside.

By combining the core strengths of our partners with our innovative approach, we can take their work and results to the next level. And, along the way to success, we support farmers on their journey to a more sustainable future.

The different ways in which our skills can be combined are as numerous as there are different abilities needed to guide farming into the future. You are an expert and want to share your knowledge to support our state of the art research? You are interested in creating new models to derive the most of the data and to support farmers as sufficient as possible? Then become one of our research partners. Follow other well reputed institutions with whom we’ve already worked together successfully, such as the University of Wageningen or HAS University, on our path to explore the future of farming

Or maybe your company is already engaged in the exciting field of agriculture and you want to take your products to a new level? Or you want to support local farmers in your country and want to introduce them to SmartFarm? Then become an associate.

Our partners CNH Industrial, Lemken and Beiselen explain why they chose to partner with SmartFarm. Click on the links below to read the interviews:

Join our high achieving business partners and help make progress a success. Only together we can create a more efficient, profitable and sustainable future for farming.

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