Experiences from the field: Geert-Jan Jonkman

Geert-Jan Jonkman shares his experiences with the FieldMate in cauliflower and broccoli cultivation

At Mts. Jonkman the focus is on efficient and sustainable cultivation. More efficient and sustainable does not necessarily mean easier. By using relevant crop information they can plan their activities in a more targeted and simpler way. The FieldMate of SmartFarm plays an important role in this.

Geert-Jan Jonkman, owner at Mts. Jonkman, grows 60 hectares of cauliflower and broccoli for Albert Heijn, a Dutch supermarket, together with his father. Partly due to their buyer and the current developments in the agricultural sector, the focus on efficient and sustainable cultivation developed. “With such a focus, keeping our crops healthy is a core activity.” says Jonkman. “Keeping our crops “healthy” ensures that we can harvest and deliver a uniform and high-quality product every week.”

Nevertheless, the latest legislation on the use of crop protection agents is causing more and more challenges. The market demands a more efficient, sustainable and a more aware application of these chemical agents. “The ‘calendar spraying’ that we were used to is no longer appropriate,” says Geert-Jan. “That is one of the reasons why we have chosen SmartFarm. The FieldMate in combination with the tools that support optimal crop protection help us enormously in making daily decisions. For example, the decision to spray ‘yes or no’ is made easier for us by the information we receive via the Disease Warning System. If we decide to spray, we use the Spray Planner to determine the right moment. In this way, we can spray in a more targeted way when pests and diseases are present.”

Looking to the future and considering the developments at his buyer, Geert-Jan expects that solutions like the FieldMate will be essential on farms in the future.  

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