RainMate, wireless rain sensor

Measure wireless and accurate ultra local precipitation data. 

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RainMate rain sensor

The RainMate is an accurate and simple sensor that collects data on precipitations and send this data (via Sigfox) to the cloud.

  Reliable rain sensor

  Plug & play


  Self-emptying system


  • Calibrated with a resolution of 1mm. Accuracy +/- 5%
  • Sigfox connectivity (Coverage in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany)
  • 30 minute send frequency
  • 4 year battery lifetime
  • High-quality plastic materials and a simple design for a prolonged lifetime 

Easy to combine with the FieldMate or to mount on a pole with a diameter of 50mm.

Price, warranty and duration

  • Price includes three years Sigfox connectivity and the SmartFarm app
  • One year warranty
  • The subscription can be automatically renewed after three years and can be terminated per year

The RainMate works on the Sigfox network with coverage in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. The sensor can be placed easily on the field, the data will be sent automatically and can be accessed with a smartphone application for both Android and iOS. The RainMate is very energy efficient and the battery lasts at least 4 years.


SmartFarm App

With the SmartFarm app you have insight into the current precipitation.

 Information on the current precipitation

  History up to 1 year

 Android & iOS app for phone and tablet

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Smart rain gauge

The RainMate is a SmartFarm product that helps growers to easily gather information on the crops.

  High-quality plastic materials and a simple design for a long service life 

  Wireless via Sigfox

Product:      RainMate rain sensor
Frequency:    30 minutes
Type of measurement:          Precipitation in mm
Warranty: 2 year
Network: Sigfox
Delivery: Within 5 working days