FieldMate, wireless soil and crop sensor

The FieldMate soil and crop sensor has been tested and developed in collaboration with leading agro-meteorologists. 

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How does the FieldMate work?

The FieldMate is practical and smart. The unique design is robust and accurate measures the data needed to monitor your crop.

  Temperature and RH in and above the crop

  Ground temperature in 2 different heights (-5 & -20cm) 

  Very affordable and including 2 year warranty

  Information on rainfall per square metre, dew point, leaf

          moisture, wind and irradiation 

The FieldMate provides the following data:


Crop climate at 25 cm Temperature °C  & RH     
Ambient climate at 75 cm  Temperature °C  & RH
Soil temperature at 5 and 20 cm   Temperature °C


Battery                                         Lithium, 3.6V, 17000mAh
Battery lifetime Up to 5 years**
Replaceability   Battery not replaceable


Temperature / 
RH resolution                           
0,1 / 1.0
Temperature accuracy                                  ± 0,5%
Long term drift >1% RH/year (normal conditions)*

External data sources based on GPS location

Precipitation indication in mm                                 Rain radar data (3hr/ 1km²)
Wind direction and speed National weather station network (m/s)
Sun irradiation W/m²             Meteo Satellite (15 min /3km²)

Calculated parameters

Leaf wet                     Wet/dry, hourly
Dewpoint  Temperature °C

* Long-term exposure to conditions outside normal humidity range (20-80% RH) and prolonged exposure to extreme conditions may accelerate aging

** Battery lifetime depens on mode, location, operation temperature and frequency of measurements and transmissions. Standard configuration givese a liftetime of 4-5 years (estimated based on test and simulations)


  • Measurement frequency: 30 minutes
  • Weight: 1480 gram
  • Temperature -20/ + 70 °C. Accuracy 0,25 °C
  • Relative humidity 0-100%. Accuracy 2.0% RV 20-80 and 3.5% 0-20/80-100 
  • Sigfox connectivity (Coverage in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany)

Price, guarantee, and duration

  • Price includes three year data traffic and app.
  • The subscription can be automatically renewed after three years and can be terminated yearly.

The FieldMate works wireless on the Sigfox network with coverage in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. The sensor can easily be placed on the plot and the data is sent automatically. The FieldMate is very energy efficient and the battery lasts for a minimum of 5 years.


SmartFarm App

The app lets you quickly and easily view the data from your soil and crop sensor. 

  Real-time data every 30 minutes


  Up to one year data back up


  Android & iOS app for your phone or tablet


  Free download


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Advice modules

Measuring alone is not enough. We also provide you with information on how to better protect your crop. For only 107 euro per year, you can choose between the following modules:


  Weather & Disease pressure






More info

Erno Bouma, author of the book Weather and Plant protection.


"You cannot change the weather, but you can change how you deal with it"

Because of its simplicity and affordability, the FieldMate is something for everybody. This soil and crop sensor will implement a major improvement in agriculture business. Because you receive the measurements for your own plots specifically, the data is very reliable and thus disease risk predictions are a lot more accurate. This ensures considerable savings and optimization of revenue.