SmartFarm Sensors

Monitor your fields and crops wireless and respond to weather changes in time to protect your crops!

FieldMate boomgaard

FieldMate weather station

The intelligent plant and soil sensor allows you to monitor your fields and crops wirelessly from a distance and react in time to weather conditions to better protect your crops! Prevent frost or heat damage to your plants and protect your crops against unexpected weather changes.

 24/7 Insights into soil and plant temperatures on the SmartFarm App

  Precipitation forecast per km2, dew point, leaf moisture, wind and information on solar radiation.

 Plug & play installation and 2 years warranty included

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SoilMate soilmoisture sensor

Avoid drought damage and save on irrigation by closely monitoring the soil moisture on your fields.

 Suitable for various types of soil.


 Plug & Play installation and 2 years warranty included


 Available in various lengths

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Soilmate nieuw

RainMate nieuw

RainMate smart rain gauge

Protect your fields and crops with the RainMate rain sensor, which displays rainfall on your phone


  High-Quality Rain Gauge

  Wireless and digital

  Self-Draining System


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SmartFarm App

The SmartFarm app gives you a clear overview of your plants data in real time. You can quickly and easily switch between different sensors. Experience the convenience of remote monitoring of your properties and complement the SmartFarm app with recommended modules for optimal protection!


 Clear and simple


 Real-time data every 30 minutes


 History up to 1 year


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SoilMate demo  FieldMate demo   RainMate demo

Corné Braber, co-founder of SmartFarm

corne 300x300

"SmartFarm sensors give you more insight into your property, so you get a higher yield at a lower cost."

Due to their simplicity and low cost, SmartFarm sensors can be used by any farmer or plant breeder. Since the measurements originate from our own land and soil, the reliability of the data is much higher and also the prognosis of disease pressure is much more accurate.