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Improve the protection of your crops with SmartFarm, the solution for modern farmers. Thanks to the most advanced agricultural data platform, you save more than 20% time and money. Go for sustainability and maximize your yield!

Ultra precision
sensor for perfect measurements

Disease warning
system for more than 75 diseases

An integrated spray planner for optimalspraying effect

Helps cut costs and make agriculture more sustainable

Choose SmartFarm to better protect your crop

At SmartFarm, we bring together expertise and practical experience, creating a unique bridge between science and agriculture. Our expert team members combine in-depth knowledge with years of practical experience, enabling us to see beyond others.

Using the most accurate sensor on the market, we measure the microclimate in your crop. This data is converted into valuable crop recommendations through our user-friendly SmartFarm app. Receive reliable disease risk alerts and use the spray effect meter for optimal crop protection.

With our affordable and complete package, including the Fieldmate sensors, SmartFarm goes beyond a traditional weather station.

Easily and quickly request the free demo today and discover how it takes your farming operations to the next level.

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What other growers say about SmartFarm

Patrick van Helvoort
Patrick van Helvoort
Full-ground grower
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'We use the Spray Planner a lot throughout the season. Especially during long leaf wet periods when scheduling a spray moment is very difficult. Then it's better to drive at a time when the pesticide gives the highest possible yield, than to drive by 'feeling' and find out later that you drove for nothing.'
Peter Pels
Peter Pels
Wine grower
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Peter Pels of wine estate Havelte: "SmartFarm makes me feel more confident in my crop protection tactics
Trudy de Jong
Trudy de Jong
Grower in Hoeksche Waard
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''Because of SmartFarm, I can better choose my best spray timing because I now determine my choice on data from my own plot."

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