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Why would you use SmartFarm?

You know best what is important when it comes to your work. Just like generations of farmers before you did. But the world of farming has changed ever since. There are more factors and more complex decisions to be made every day than there were in the past. Fields have become vaster, requiring more sophisticated planning. Numbers of available pesticides less numerous, asking for constant decisions.

Here, SmartFarm can help you to make the right choices. You are still the one making the important decisions. The only difference is, that your knowledge is supported with the exactly relevant information for all the challenges you have to deal with. This helps you not only to cater to the rising complexity of farming. It supports you to excel in it. And excelling in it means to be more efficient, sustainable and economical.

How does it work?

Our FieldMate sensor measure relevant data where it counts most: ultra-locally, directly within your own fields. This means that they keep track of everything you need to know about your plants, such as temperatures, humidity and soil climate. Additionally, they provide you with an ultra-local weather forecast, precisely tailored to the actual location of your field. But this is where the possibilities of SmartFarms are really just starting. Our all-in-one solution does not only gather this data, it gives you easily understandable information to support your making of important everyday decisions.

You are unsure whether to spray for a certain disease or not? You wonder when it might be the best time to harvest your crops? Our algorithm provides you with all the information being relevant to make informed decisions. Just open the app and directly access the information that you need, without getting lost in a jungle of incomprehensible data.

How can SmartFarm support you?

Data is stale. Without being put into perspective, it is rather useless. SmartFarm does not only take the step from channelling pure data into relevant information, it supports you to become more efficient in the most essential aspects of farming. By helping you to plan exactly when to spray your plants, you do not only save time for avoiding unnecessary treatments, you reduce the amount of pesticides needed.

Protecting your crops only when they are vulnerable, you do not only save money, but you also contribute to a more sustainable way of farming. This way of farming is not only one of our personal goals to achieve, it is also becoming a governmental requirement in many countries. Taking the step into the future now does not only improve your workflow today, it will get you ready for mandatory requirements tomorrow.

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“Using sensors and the SmartFarm app we have a better insight in precipitation on the different fields. Furthermore, the differences per crop regarding relative humidity and temperature are evident.”

Gerard van Nieuwenhuijzen
owner at arable farm NIVU

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