Weather & Disease pressure

Receive parcel specific disease pressure information and save up to hundreds of euros per year!


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Weather & Disease pressure

Measuring the weather conditions is not enough, we supply added information to better protect your crops.

  Disease pressure forecast for 5 days for your own plot and crop


  Reliable 14-day weather forecast


  For more than 40 crops in arable farming, horticulture and vegetable                    production


  For only 107 euros per year

The data from the FieldMate is analysed by us in advanced disease models and we send you plot specific disease pressure information. According to independent research, this saves you hundreds of euros a year. You will also receive a reliable 14-day weather forecast for your location.

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FieldMate weather station

The weather and disease pressure module works in conjunction with the FieldMate weather station.The weather station is practical and smart and measures exactly the data needed to monitor your crop.

  Temperature and humidity in and above the crop

  Soil temperature at 2 depths (-5 and -20 cm)

  Precipitation indication per km2, dew point, leaf wetness, wind                               and irradiation

  Coverage in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany

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