SmartFarm team visits avocado and mango growers

Begin oktober heeft het SmartFarm team een bezoek gebracht aan zuid-Spanje om daar avocado en mango telers te bezoeken. De FieldMate en de beslissingsondersteunende tools van SmartFarm zijn hier met veel interesse ontvangen door de telers. Een bezoek aan de classificatie- en verpakkingsfabriek van producentenorganisatie TROPS mocht daarbij tijdens deze reis niet ontbreken. Het SmartFarm […]

Protein transition is gaining ground


The protein transition is gaining ground in the Netherlands and has major implications for food supply and climate. This development may also become more influential for Dutch growers in the coming years.

Phytophthora problems due to a wet summer

Bestrijding phytophthora

A wet summer promotes the spread of phytophthora. Southeastern Netherlands and Flevoland suffer from the rain-fed disease. Phytophthora damages leaves of crops with brown spots and white fungal fluff, and threatens tubers. The increased active ingredient standard for PlanetProof consumption potatoes offers support to farmers, but tactical preventive action is essential. SmartFarm offers help with insight and efficient spray timing. Learn more about SmartFarm products and their role in managing this challenge.

The Benefits of SmartFarm


SmartFarm is a pioneering crop protection application that uses ultra-local sensors to collect accurate measurements between plants. With an advanced disease warning system and optimal spray advice, SmartFarm enables farmers to be proactive and prevent crop damage. The efficient use of crop protection products allows farmers to increase yields, save costs and adopt a more sustainable approach to crop protection. With the easy-to-use SmartFarm app, farmers have all the essential data at their fingertips to keep their crops healthy and optimize their farming operations.

Smart insights into the infection pressure of your potatoes

Aardappelziektes als Phytophthora bestrijden op basis van data.

SlimFarm’s Disease Alert System offers farmers insight into the infection pressure of potato diseases, including Phytophthora. By responding to the current situation in time and applying crop protection products efficiently, they can prevent crop damage and save costs. The SmartFarm App also offers SprayEffect advice to make the right crop protection decisions.

Introducing: Joost Nieveen

even voorstellen: Joost Nieveen, Agrarisch Meteoroloog bij Appsforagri

In this blog post we introduce our colleague Joost Nieveen and elaborate on his background and private life. Joost is an agricultural meteorologist and responsible for our disease warning systems.

Protection of Onions from Downy Mildew

Bescherming uien tegen valse meeldauw

How do growers in Dutch onion cultivation deal with downy mildew control. Learn about the risks, and growing challenges of plant protection products and effective preventive measures to protect yields.

10 Year Anniversary AppsforAgri

The company has been around for 10 years now. What a fantastic achievement!

Over the past decade, Appsforagri has made a valuable contribution to the agricultural sector. Let’s take a moment to reflect on this joyous moment and look back on Appsforagri’s journey.