Less damage by downy mildew in vineyards

Peter Pels of the Havelte winery: “SmartFarm gives me more confidence in my crop protection tactics”.    As a result of a warm and very humid air flow in the spring of 2021, many wine growers had to deal with infestations of downy mildew. This fungus can have disastrous consequences for the vineyards, and the […]

Experience from the field: van Helvoort tuinbouw

François and Patrick share their experiences with the FieldMate in their different crops Van Helvoort tuinbouw is a company that grows various types of vegetables in a sustainable way. They see the FieldMate as a real support in their daily work.  Owner François van Helvoort and manager Patrick van Gestel cultivate 34 hectares on which […]

Report national onion day 2022

On the 11th of January 2022, the LNCN held their annual National Onion Day in the Netherlands, due to current circumstances this edition was held online this year, instead of in Dronten. The edition was divided into 3 parts, where different subjects were discussed. In the second part, attention was paid to fungus and weed control in […]

Yield loss due to downy mildew in onions

After three extremely dry years, pressure from fungal diseases returned in 2021. As a result of a warm and very humid air flow at the beginning of the growing season, many onion growers have had to cope with substantial yield losses. The cause: downy mildew. Downy mildew is back in 2021. Hardly any onion field […]

A part of the SmartFarm app: Accumulations

The weather is a very decisive factor in agriculture. In particular, temperature has a great influence on the development of crops, diseases and insects. The number of ‘degree days’ gives insight into the total amount of heat that a plant or insect is exposed to during its life. The opposite is shown by the number […]

The new SmartFarm trailer is live!

Last summer we worked hard on a new video to better explain the application of the FieldMate. And the result is sublime! The video was shot in the south-west of the Netherlands at the trial farm Pallandtpolder. As a partner of SmartFarm they gladly made their fields available to make this video possible.  The video gives […]

Weather data: The next holy grail?


Lemken and CNH industrial are stepping into weather data to equip every field and crop of inexpensive, simple and reliable weather stations.  Lemken and CNH industrial signed a strategic partnership agreement with AppsforAgri. They believe that the weather stations of AppsforAgri are inexpensive, simple, very easy to use and reliable. As a first outcome of […]