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Why would you use the SmartFarm API?

You are just like us: We all want to bring farming further. But this task has never been harder than today. Larger fields, narrower choices in pesticides and stricter governmental restrictions have made farming become complex in every single aspect. The more factors there are to consider, the harder it becomes for your product to cater to every newly arising need.
Here, SmartFarm can provide you with the best knowledge to go further. Your product is still the very centre of your business.

The only difference is, that you can combine your specific approach with the exact means you need to always be a step ahead. We can not only provide you with the data that really matters, we can give you access to the information beyond this data. Building on our knowledge allows your product to be ahead of your competitors. And being ahead of you competitors does not only mean to succeed in your business, it means to bring farming towards a more efficient, sustainable and economical future.

How does it work?

Our algorithm digs deeper. Based on your data, we can provide you with all the relevant information on the farmers’ plants, such as temperatures, humidity and soil climate. Additionally, we offer an ultra-local weather forecast, precisely tailored to the actual location of the field. But this is only where the possible applications of SmartFarm in your own business begin. Our all-in-one solution gathers all the relevant data in the present and combines it with valuable measurements from the past. With this process, we can create precise models on diseases, pest infestations and the effectiveness of preventive actions.

This is not only how we convert data into relevant information, it is also how we can help you taking your product to the next level. You want to support farmers in their daily tasks, such as protecting their plants from diseases and planning the right moment for their harvest? Our algorithm supports your product to give your clients precisely the assistance that they need. If necessary, on an easy to access app, which shows them exactly what they need to know to make the right decisions.

How can the SmartFarm API support you?

No good building without a good foundation. Your product, combined with our services, can take your vision to the next level. SmartFarm does not only seamlessly combine exact measurements with state-of-the-art data analysis, it can also provide you with a modern and easy to access digital environment. You can choose what SmartFarm can do for your product to pave the way to your success. With that, we can support farmers to make the best decisions in the challenges they face every day.

In that, we can also create the means to guide them towards making farming as a whole become more efficient and sustainable. This way of farming is not only one of our personal goals to achieve, it is also becoming a governmental requirement in many countries. Together, we can guide farmers towards taking the right steps into the future now. This will not only get them ready for mandatory requirements tomorrow, but will make your product an indispensable asset for their future success.

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“In our 365FarmNet farm management platform, we are using the Spray Planner API already for 5 years and are glad to offer our customers this very useful planning tool.”

Patrick Honcoop
Head of Product Partnerships at 365FarmNet

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