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Why would you use SmartFarm?

Giving good advice to farmers is never easy. Not in the past, but especially not in nowadays increasingly complex world of farming. Fields have become vaster, pesticides less numerous and governmental restrictions more extensive. The more factors there are to consider, the harder it becomes to give the farmers the so much needed guidance in the challenges they face every day. Here, SmartFarm can support you with valuable information, so you can help farmers make better decisions.

Your personal knowledge and experience are still the most valuable factor in finding the right advice. The only difference is, that your valuable skills are supported with the exactly relevant information for all the challenges farmers have to deal with. This helps you not only adapting to an ever changing field. It enables you to be a step ahead. And being a step ahead means to guide the way towards efficiency, sustainability and economy.

How does it work?

Our FieldMate sensor measures relevant data where it counts most: ultra-locally, directly in your clients’ fields. This is how they provide you with everything you need to know about the farmers’ plants, such as temperatures, humidity and soil climate. Additionally, they present you with an ultra-local weather forecast, precisely tailored to the actual location of the field. But this is only where SmartFarm begins to take data a step further. Our all-in-one solution does gather data in the present and it combines it with valuable measurements from the past.

This process does not only transform data into relevant information, it also takes your knowledge to the next level. Farmers want to know whether to spray for a certain disease or not? They are unsure about when to harvest their crops? Our algorithm supports you to give precisely the advice your clients need. All combined in one easy to access app, which shows you exactly what you need to know to help others the best way possible.

How can SmartFarm support you?

Together, we are stronger. Your valuable knowledge and our relevant information can take your advice to the next level. SmartFarm does not only transform data into applicable information, it supports you with everything you need to give the best advice possible – to make farming efficient and sustainable. By giving farmers maximally informed guidance in when to spray their plants, you can help them saving time for avoiding unnecessary treatments, and simultaneously enable them to reduce the amount of pesticides needed.
Having insights in when crops are vulnerable and in need of protection will help farmers not only save money, but contribute to more sustainability. This way of farming is not only one of our personal goals to achieve, it is also becoming a governmental requirement in many countries. Guiding farmers towards taking the right steps into the future now will not only get them ready for mandatory requirements tomorrow, but also allows you to be ahead of the curve at all time.

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“Using the FieldMate we gain lots of data regarding the crop circumstances. This data can be used to update and alter our long term strategy.”

Geert Steenhuis
Technical advisor at GMN B.V.

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