Expert team

Our expert team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of weather- and plant protection.









Joost Nieveen is a Dutch meteorologist and programmer from agricultural and industrial programs with IoT (Sigfox and LoRaWAN) technology. His specialization lies in models of disease, plant protection, plant growth models and the development of IoT- sensor systems.


 Knowledge about weather and plant protection

 More than 10 years of experience

 Nieeven & Bouma Agro Weather Services


Nieeven & Bouma Agro Weather Services has been taken over by AppsforAgri in November 2016. 

Erno Bouma

Erno Bouma is a Dutch agrometeorology expert. Together with professor Bert Wartena, he has written two weather books for the field of agriculture ("Weather & Crop Protection" 1994 und "Agrarisch Weerboek" 1998).

 Experienced agronomist


 Author of meteorological textbooks


 Specialized in plant diseases and vermin


 Lecturer at HAS University of Applied Sciences









Louis Nannes

Louis Nannes is a water expert and a consultant in the field of agriculture, water- and ground management. He provides insights into how water- and ground management can increase the efficiency.

  Agricultural water expert

  Water- and ground management

  More than 20 years of experience



Our R&D department with agrometeorologists has developed plenty of knowledge about weather and plant protection. Fully automated, we calculate the disease pressure for more than 40 crops und dozens of diseases and vermin, based on data of the sensor ‘FieldMate’ and other information sources. Due to the very local data of FieldMate we can provide you with very accurate data. This contributes to protection of your plants and increase in profit! Certified diseases- and vermin models for more than 40 plant cultures.

 Certified diseases- and vermin models for more than 40 plant cultures

 Spray Planner for efficient plant protection

 Knowledge about weather and plant protection

 More than 10 years of experience

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It is not possible to change the weather but it is possible to be prepared and make good decisions.