The new SmartFarm app is live!

We proudly present the new SmartFarm app! The app has been developed with the latest technology and has a better user experience, a new design and a lot of new features. The app is now available in the Apple App store and Google Play store.

New app, new functionalities!

We have listed all the new functionalities for you:

  • Sharing functionality
    Possibility to link your sensors with others and vice versa. Build up a regional network with your fellow growers in the neighbourhood and identify the risks and opportunities. Compare the weather influences of surrounding parcels and take preventive action to prevent damage caused by diseases.

  • Disease pressure tool
    The Disease pressure tool has been extended with the historical Disease pressure of the past 2 days. This information is based on the measured data by the FieldMate, which gives more reliable information than based on a prediction. Currently you can see in the overview; 2 day history, today and 4 day forecast.

  • Spray planner tool
    Is equipped with a detail option. This is an enlarged view, making the information more visible.

  • Global precipitation radar
    The precipitation radar provides an overview of the development of precipitation, intensity change, direction of pull and speed of pull. The intensity of precipitation is indicated with different colours.
  • General dashboard
    Equipped with a weather image with the current weather data based on your location. Under the weather image you will find an overview of all sensors linked to your account. The sensors are arranged by sensor type and then in alphabetical order. The most important sensor data per sensor is shown on the dashboard. For the FieldMate, data such as crop temperature and relative humidity, the amount of precipitation over the past 7 days and today’s highest disease pressure value are shown.

  • FieldMate dashboard
    The Fieldmate dashboard has a better user experience by adding colours (corresponding to historical data), today’s minimum and maximum values, wind speed at 2m and 10m altitude, additional weather parameters; wet bulb temperature, leaf wet period, amount of reference crop evaporation from the last hour and today’s total and cumulative irradiance.

  • FieldMate dashboard navigation
    At the bottom of the dashboard you’ll find a navigation bar with which you can easily navigate to the historical data and the decision support tools.

  • 48-hour weather forecast
    In the previous app there was a 14-day weather forecast available. A more detailed 48-hour weather forecast has been added, it is equipped with:
    • Fertilisation score (adaptable to other products)
    • Weather type
    • Temperature
    • Precipitation
    • Wind speed, direction & gust
    • Dewpoint
    • Wet bulb temperature
    • Irradiation

  • History
    All historical data can be found under the history tab. The graphs are equipped with minimum and maximum values that can be switched on and off. There is also the possibility to view the data per hour or per day. All graphs can be pinched and zoomed in and out. The leafwetness period per day has also been added.

  • More user-friendly ‘add sensor’ wizard
    Adding a sensor has become even easier. The new wizard in the app makes it very easy to add sensors according to the clear step-by-step plan.


Because we have replaced the previous app with the new one, you can now immediately make use of the new functionalities. If you have deactivated the automatic updates for your smartphone or tablet, you will need to update the app manually. Click on the button below to go directly to the app store.

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