The FieldMate: A simple solution for new challenges

The world of farming has changed. Data is considered to be the solution for the newly arising challenges in the future of farming. But data is also stale. It needs to be put into perspective, for else it will be rather useless. This is where SmartFarm thinks beyond the natural limitations of data and where the FieldMate shines.

The FieldMate is our all-in-one solution that does not simply only gather data. On the contrary, it transforms it into easily understandable information to support making the right decisions. To make sure that always the most accurate information for any possible problem is provided, the FieldMate measures data where it counts most: ultra-locally, directly between the plants.

The ultra-sensitive sensors of the FieldMate keep track of everything that is relevant: precipitation, temperatures, relative humidity and soil temperatures. At any time, everywhere on the planet. Additionally, they provide an ultra-local weather forecast, custom-tailored to the location of the field. Our algorithm then translates this data to easy to understand information. Accurate disease models, spray planner, spray alerts and ultra-locally information on the weather and diseases. All this specifically tailored to the farmers needs. All the information can comfortably be accessed in one user-friendly app.

The FieldMate is the steppingstone to the future of farming. It does not only have the best ratio of quality and price in the whole market, it helps making farming become more efficient, profitable and sustainable. Knowledge on how to time treatments does not only save time for avoiding unnecessary actions, but ultimately also reduces the amount of pesticides needed by up to a quarter. This does save money and contributes to a more sustainable way of farming. Sustainability is not only one of our personal goals to achieve, it is also becoming a governmental requirement in many countries. Thus, we do improve farming today to get it also ready for mandatory requirements tomorrow.

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