New SmartFarm FieldMate, branding and website

The SmartFarm team is pleased to present the new SmartFarm branding! With a new branding comes a new website and we can finally present our new generation FieldMate.

Behind the scenes, a lot of hard work has been done in the past year on the renewed presentation of SmartFarm. From a start-up, we have developed into a solid company where knowledge and expertise are the key words. To reinforce these developments, we have taken our FieldMate, the branding and the website to a higher level.

The newest generation FieldMate

Not only the branding and website have been improved, but also our ‘old familiar’ FieldMate. The FieldMate has been renewed and improved compared to the older version. The new generation FieldMate is optimised, so it fits even better in a data-controlled sustainable cultivation. This means, among other things, that the FieldMate:

  • Has a modular system, which improves the energy supply and makes it easy to switch the system on and off
  • The latest technology in the field of data transmission. By adding a new chip, data can be sent worldwide without any problems.
  • The highest quality sensors are integrated, for even more accurate measurements. All measurements are taken every 15 minutes, so that the slightest changes in temperature and relative humidity are registered.
  • The length has been shortened by about 40cm, making the FieldMate more manageable and easier to dodge in the field.
  • To prevent excessive fouling of the rain gauge, bird peckers have been added so that even less maintenance is required.

The renewed website will serve to share all agricultural knowledge we have within our company with others. By sharing blogs, videos and whitepapers, we will cover all kinds of interesting facts and challenging questions.

We can’t wait to introduce all growers, advisors, cooperatives and other agricultural professionals to the renewed FieldMate and SmartFarm branding!

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