Disease Warning System: Protect your crops

Crops are the very heart of farming. At SmartFarm, we want to make sure they are given the protection they need when they are at their most vulnerable. With our accurate disease warning system that is included for free with every purchase of a FieldMate, we enable farmers to be ahead of any risk that could harm the heart of their business. 

Our disease warning system provides the right tools to protect your crops. No complex figures or complicated graphs, just an easily comprehensible colour code and the exact information needed to evaluate the risk of crops getting infected. Our practical seven day overview helps staying up to date on what was relevant in the last few days while also informing about the perfect timing for protecting the crops. And even if the models are not checked regularly, with the smart disease warning system it is ensured that the crop never runs any danger of being unprotected while at risk.

Our disease warning system unites our practical experience with state of the art research. With the FieldMate gathering data directly between the crops and factoring in ultra-local weather forecasts, we can consider every relevant cause for the development of more than 170 different diseases for over 50 plants. The micro-climate between the crops, their actual temperature and the relative humidity – they are all accounted for in our experts in-depth analysis.

The disease warning system is just the next step to make farming more efficient. If actions are only taken when necessary, the crop is not only given the best protection from diseases, but also from harmful unnecessary treatments. This contributes greatly to a more sustainable future of farming, effectively reducing the amount of pesticides needed. In the end it is a simple win-win situation: Reducing costs while protecting the environment.

Ready to join us in our journey to the future of farming? Then embark now by learning more about our vision and the FieldMate by contacting us. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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